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The Blemish Guru

My Approach

You will always feel relaxed in my clinics.  I know first hand how daunting it can be to have blemishes and hairs removed and I work doubly hard to reassure my clients.

About me

I had spent many years working in the world of corporate system training until the day I booked in to have a small cluster of thread veins removed. That was the turning point for me ... the result was so awesome, instant and aesthetically pleasing that I knew then and there that I wanted to learn more about it and so a new career was launched.

And the ‘blemish guru’? Well, a while back a client joked that I was her blemish ‘guru’ and that name just stuck!

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I am so glad I found Heather's clinic! I just wish it had been years before! 

Photo Gallery

Warts on hand

Warts on hand

This is what a removed skin tag looks like

This shows a removed skin tag.

Milia on the face

Milia on the face

Is your back summer ready and blemish free?

Is your back summer ready and blemish free?

Facial skin tags

Facial skin tags before and after

Skin tag

Before and after skin tags

Seb. hyperplasia

Typical sebaceous hyperplasia on face

Blood spot

Blood spot on lip before and after

Skin tag

Before and after facial skin tag

Blood spot

Blood spot on eyelid

Hair growth

Hirtuism typical chin hair growth

Skin tag

Typical skin tags presenting on neck

Blood  Spots

Typical blood spot


Milia / white spots around eyes


Before and after treatment


Mole removal before and during treatment

Age Spot removal

Age spots before during and after treatment

Thread & Spider Veins

Typical appearance of thread and spider veins


Keratosis before and after treatment


Before and after treatment

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