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2024 Prices

 Initial Consultation                      FREE (allow 15 - 30 mins) Cash and card accepted.

Thread Veins & Spider Veins      £65 for 20 minute appointment (that equals quite a few veins)

Milia / seb. hyperplasia               £65 for 20 minute appointment (2-10 depending on size)

Ingrowing Hair                             £65 for 15 minute appointment

​Moles & Warts                             £120 for one lesion (£170 for two small) (Dr letter required for Moles)

Verrucae                                       £120 for one lesion

​Skin Tags                                      £85 depending on size to be determined at consultation (e.g. 5 small tags)

Blood Spots                                 £75 for 1-5 small blood spots

Pigmentation/Age Spots            £75 for 1-5 small age spots

​Keratosis/Xanthelasma               £85 - £95 for 1 or 2 lesions depending on size to be determined at consultation

Ask if your blemish is not listed above .....


  1. Return appointments may be necessary where client’s skin reaction prevents some or all treatment.If you suspect you may be sensitive to treatment, purchase Emla cream and apply thickly half an hour before an appointment.I cannot offer a reduction in price for the shortened session.

  2. In some cases, a blemish may require a second appointment to treat further. Top up appointments @ £10 per visit.

Prices can be subject to change up or down and will be confirmed after your initial consultation (e.g. for clients presenting with many lesions, a tailored package can be produced) Drs letter required prior to mole treatment.  Follow up appointments may be necessary where I am not able to treat a blemish in one appointment. 

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