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Hi. I am Heather. Let me tell you a bit about myself!

I had spent many years working in the world of corporate system training until the day I booked in to have a small cluster of thread veins removed. That was the turning point for me ... the result was so awesome, instant and aesthetically pleasing that I knew then and there that I wanted to learn more about it and so a new career was launched.

I started a challenging course of study through anatomy, physiology and pathology to bring myself up to the necessary standard to begin practical training in blemish and hair removal. Fast forward a few years and here I am, still as awed as ever, but now providing rewarding results to my own clients.

And the ‘blemish guru’? Well, a while back a client joked that I was her blemish ‘guru’ and that name just stuck!

I hold diplomas from the renowned Helen McGuinness Health & Beauty International Training School for both blemish and hair removal, from VTCT Level 3 A&P and InSync provide me with full insurance for all listed procedures.

  • Moles

  • Hair in Moles

  • Age Spots

  • Spider and Thread Veins

  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis

  • Sebaceous Cysts

  • Skin Tags

  • Blood Spots

  • Milia

  • Verrucae

  • LED Skin Treatments

  • Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Ask if you don't see.  There are many more less common but treatable blemishes!

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